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5 ways to save money on rental cars

Although several cities these days have various public transportation choices like buses, trains, and subways; their schedules or station locations may not be very suitable for your agenda. . . . Read more

Precautions to take while staying in a resort near a national park

First and foremost never go towards the forest on foot or in a vehicle if it is prohibited. There are gates from where all tourists vehicles enter. Use only the authorised gates to enter at the given time with a valid permit to enter the park. Do not even try entering from any other area in the protected areas. There are many precautions to take while staying near a national park. Some are listed below. . . . Read more

Why you should get a luxury safari of Tanzania

Are you planning a holiday trip? If you want to have a memorable and a once in a lifetime vacation with your family, be sure to visit Tanzania or United Republic of Tanzania. This place is full of wonders and astonishing occurrences that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists regularly. . . . Read more