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Stretch your Boundaries while Travelling to Fire Island

Planning a trip is easy. However, many people make their trip unforgettable for life. If you are going on a trip to Fire Island, then you can make your trip memorable too. First, with Fire Island Summer Rentals, you can save your money by sharing your staying place with others and other things are you have to stretch your boundaries and have an open mind to adjust with the new place. . . . Read more


Who is a diplomat? A diplomat is someone appointed by a state or a nation to conduct negotiations with other diplomats on matters concerning the state or government. Most people fail to understand the difference between an ambassador and a diplomat. Well let me break that down for you. Both, the diplomat and the ambassador and the diplomats perform similar functions but the ambassador is in charge of the whole task. He is more of higher ranking than the diplomats are. Therefore, a diplomat is o . . . Read more


What is diplomacy? In layman’s language, diplomacy is a profession, activity or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representatives abroad. Who conducts diplomacy? Diplomacy is conducted by a honorary consul or a diplomat after confirming acceptance of the diplomatic appointment and in case of a career diplomat, after acquiring a diplomatic passport. So where did diplomacy come from? . . . Read more


Arguments exist as to why diplomats need diplomatic immunity. Well, diplomatic immunity exists so that nations can actually engage in diplomacy. Without such immunity, it would be far too easy for nations to detain ambassadors and other members of diplomatic mission, creating hostage situation and other such complications. . . . Read more


Both diplomats and consuls get into negotiations on behalf of a state or a country. But what differentiates them? We will find out that one later. Both diplomats are divided into groups mostly according to their region of operation or rather according to the specifications of the diplomatic appointments terms. So what are this types of missions? . . . Read more


Much have been said about diplomacy. In addition to that most of us have proper understand of how diplomacy works from a honorary consul or a diplomat get diplomatic appointment, to types of missions to how to get a diplomatic passport and the list is endless. But the most forgotten bit of diplomacy is its mission. Why is it so important for a state to appoint a diplomat to represent it in foreign countries? Let us find out. . . . Read more


It would be of no great importance going straight to the nature of diplomacy without first explaining to you what diplomacy is. Diplomacy has so many definitions but the simplest one is the act of getting into negotiations with other states, countries or international organization. The person who does this is called a honorary consul. A honorary consul is not just anyone. He or she is someone who has received a honorary consul appointment and confirmed his acceptance too. Now let us understand t . . . Read more