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Why Men Want To Be Caged?

Male chastity is a gadget to lock your penis in a specifically designed cage that helps prevent you from getting complete erections or making use of your male organ for sex. While locked up, you can't masturbate or do any orgasm, and the spiked cock cage can only become removed by your specified keyholder. This makes the most of males squirm, it creates others whimper with enjoyment. Getting caged can be hugely exciting and fulfilling. Some individuals say sex denial raises your libido and enh . . . Read more

What's Chastity Cage

When the topic is about chastity cage, most people presume that it is the ladies nipple stretching gadget with which we are talking about. In part, this stems down from a patriarchal perception with the devotion that ladies are supposed to keep for their relationships, therefore freeing guys to ensure that they could plant their seeds. The truth is although, many men use chastity than ladies, and it's really a fascinating fetish which has become ever more popular in the world of human relationsh . . . Read more

What Is A Spiked Cock Cage For Him? - A Woman's Perspective

From a woman's perspective, the best chastity cage is definitely clear - but why would any man voluntarily give control of this intimate part of his body, let alone not having any sex? If you are reading this post at the recommendation of your spouse, you might well be thinking why about an idea that seems rather not likely, whereas if you are exploring the topic on your own, you would be questioning just how you may convince a man to provide it a go. What benefits could he gain from stopping . . . Read more

The Idea Of Male Chastity

One of the suggestions behind male chastity cage is that a male is continually searching for his sex enjoyment, it seems simplistic, unoriginal, and even primal but remembers that it does not connect with all men. The sexual energy they can no more wield is normally placed into other uses. Males in chastity often declare that they are more concentrated at the job, even more attentive in relationships, and more agreeable. Simply this pertains to the technology of man chastity and the amount of h . . . Read more

How A Spiked Chastity Cage Can Spice Up Your Love Life

How could you stop a man from pleasuring himself without your authorization? Surely you can't really keep him from performing whatever he wants with his body, whether you prefer that or not? Touching themselves is one thing that comes so naturally to many males that they take it just for granted - after that there is getting right down to business in the bed room - it's very possible for a guy to allow his dick erect, pursuing his energetic instincts however much he may prefer a bit more forepla . . . Read more

Chastity Device Choices - Selecting Your Chastity Device

There are many different spiked cock cage devices in the market, and since everyone has a differing design, size and comfort, it is necessary to be careful with any type of chastity device before purchasing. Right we will go through different chastity devices, benefits and drawbacks, and the variations in components. If you are uncertain about chastity devices or humbler, if you are thinking of chastity toys but not sure where to start, hopefully by the end of this article you'll certainly be in . . . Read more