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Dengue Fever – Important Facts, Symptoms and Treatment Means to Cure the Disease

For the past couple of years, the number of people losing their lives due to dengue fever is evidently increasing. The reason being, not everyone is aware of the viral infection and pay attention to its symptoms. Physicians suggest that individuals who experience even the slightest of dengue symptoms must take a dengue test in order to safeguard themselves and prevent the condition from turning fatal in nature. . . . Read more

Stay Fit and Healthy with a Vegan Diet

Incorporate the benefits of plant-based protein foods into your diet with 22 Days Nutrition vegan diet meal plan. Our signature weekly meal program is individually crafted with the customer’s goals and preferences in mind, whether it is weight loss, maintenance, healthier eating or any other. We offer fast, convenient and fresh online vegan food delivery service right to your doorstep. . . . Read more