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Exercises To Relieve Spondylosis Pain

Spondylosis or osteoarthiritis as it is coined is no more of a fancy term, and it affects almost 3 out of 5 people across the globe. With the ailment becoming more of an agonizing challenge for people with the long-wish for a fit and healthy life, there is nothing that are guaranteed shut the door on spondylosis than a proper set of exercises. . . . Read more

Do’s and don’ts about exercises for Bad Knees

Probably one of the disastrous ailment that hits every person above the age of 30 is a an agonizing knee pain. Knee pain tends to evolve into a posed threat to a healthy and happy life. But there is absolutely no good reason to hit the lows if you are having bad knees. There are plenty of effective exercises which pledge to bring you good results. . . . Read more

How to exercise when you’re in pain?

With a harrowing pain somewhere in your body, comes the invincible temptation to shuffle-off your routine exercises. However, exercises if done right, can help you battle out the most excruciating pain that has been agonizing you for some time. . . . Read more

Teen Gym Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Gyming or attending a gym is a good thing but you have to be very particular about few things if you want to make yourself look decent in gym. There are certain rules and regulations that every gym has. Everything is mentioned in a gym but there are few things which you need to know yourself as no one will tell you about them. . . . Read more

How to Get Fit at Home without Gym Equipment

Hitting the gym is not always possible. You may not get sufficient time to visit the gym or you are too far from the gym. However, this should not become an obstacle in your fitness, as there are many such exercises, which you can do at home without any gym equipment and still get a fit and fine body. . . . Read more