Join a basic level Chinese language class in Torrance CA
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Join a basic level Chinese language class in Torrance CA

Chinese classesfrom Monday to Saturday using our unique Patent Pendingteaching methods and curricula. Our original songs are written to match thecorrect Chinese tones while teaching daily conversational phrases. Chinesetaught through music and songs have proven to be more effective as they areeasily stored in a child's long term memory.  

Sing in Chinese is a true play based Chinese language school in the Southbay.Learning Chinese at our school is always a fun treat for kids. Our teachingphilosophy keeps kids curious and engaged. Through our fun songs and games,children are eager to learn to speak Chinese. 

Our Chinese Preschool Program also utilizes our original daily routine songsand original curricula. Your kids will soon be singing in Chinese while theywash their hands, have their snacks or doing other daily tasks! Sing In Chinesealso offers private Mandarin tutoring to tailor to each individual child'slearning capability. 

Sing in Chinese serves Torrance, Palos Verdes and beach cities includingRedondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and more.


Do you still remember your childhoodsongs? Childhood songs are stored in our long term memory. Our funoriginal songs are written with useful daily conversational phrases.  Likesongs from our childhood, these useful Chinese phrases and songs will bestored in our children’s long term memory. 


Sing In Chinese developed a unique songwriting method. Our melodies are written based on the correct fourbasic tones of Mandarin. Singing songs in the correct four basictones will embed the correct tones of Mandarin in children’s memory. 

Children can sing original modernizedMandarin children’s songs facilitated through engaging and colorful storybooks. Chinese characters and Pinyin on every page can encouragesight-reading literacy.  Bilingual lyrics help children process logicalassociations between Chinese and English, providing fuller understanding.

Parents can enhance the learning ofChinese through repetition by frequently playing these fun original songs.

APPs by Sing In Chinese teach Mandarinthrough engaging computer animation, fun games, karoake style singing andrecording.

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