Reasons why you should learn Chinese
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Reasons why you should learn Chinese

“Chinese is themost widely spoken language in the world with approximately 1,197,000,000people speaking Chinese, of which 873,000 million speak Mandarin.” It happens to be that fastest growinglanguage in the world. That clearly focuses on the importance of ChineseTutoring in Torrance CA!

Reasonswhy you should learn Chinese

ITProfessionals are increasingly travelling to areas where the majority speaksome form of Chinese: A huge chunk of modern day workforce isengaged in Information Technology jobs. Most large multinationals have a strongpresence in places like Singapore and Taiwan. People travel to these placesfrom across the globe. It is essential to be able to understand the locallyused language. There is hardly a need to emphasize on the importance of knowingthe commonly used language.

There are schoolsin the United States of America that teach Chinese. Fact of the matter is thatmore than 19.8 percent of the international student population in the world isChinese.

Thelanguage of Business: Language classes in Torrance is a big help tobusiness administration students. The smart and young workforce engaged withlarge businesses in the USA know that more companies are having their productsmade in Chinese factories. Those in the top and middle management who interactwith counterparts of manufacturing companies in China should be able tocommunicate in their language. Not that they don’t speak English but it alwaysgives your business a personal touch if you can reach out to your businesscounterpart in their language. It builds trust and forges long term business associations.

The BoomingChinese Job Market: Available statistics online indicates that thenational job vacancy ratio fell from 1.12 in the first quarter 2015, to 1.06 inthe second quarter. This basically means that for 106 open positions there areonly 100 job seekers. The demand exceeds the supply. There is a lot ofopportunity for qualified people.

If we go by theavailable official data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the demand forskilled workforce is much more than the actual availability of technicallyqualified professionals.

ChineseTutoring in Torrance

There are quite afew good tutoring centers that instruct in written and spoken Chinese inTorrance CA. A good tutor will lay emphasis on ‘how tolearn Chinese’ instead of simply concentrating on ‘what to learn” and forcefeed the student with incomprehensible notes and lessons. The focus is ontrying a wholesome approach that helps the learner to appreciate the newlanguage.

There are levels such as beginner, intermediate,and advanced courses depending on the ability and prior knowledge of thestudent. The primary objective of most beginner’s courses is to enable learnersto develop considerable proficiency in comprehending, speaking, reading andwriting Chinese.

For those who reach a certain level ofunderstanding can pursue introductory courses in Chinese history, Chinese art,society and politics.

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