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Escorts and their business is usually shrouded in secrecy.The secrecy is in part because of the illegal (mostly) nature of the work andalso the code of silence that comes with protecting their day-to-day lives andtheir clients.

There are lots of things that we would love to know abouttheir workings especially for those who want to join. We talked to varioushigh-end escorts working in Chennai who revealed some of the best kept secretsabout being an escort.

Getting started is not difficult. Amber, a Chennai escort,recalls her first day of joining the escort business. She says she simplywalked into an agency and asked if she could join. The owner of the agency thentook her through a few interviews and forms and voila! We know what you arethinking, and yes, we asked if she did the couch audition. She said no-well, wedon’t know either.

The sex is enjoyable. When Megan, an independent Chennaiescort joined the escort business, she was afraid that she would be constantlysore and bruised. She was pleasantly surprised to realize that save for a fewweird experiences, most of the other experiences are quite pleasant. She sayssome of the clients are quite good in bed and she enjoys the sex better thanshe did her boyfriend. At the start of her escort career, Megan had arelationship that quickly fizzled out because she was sexually sated for themost part and her boyfriend felt abandoned.

You can say no. Many a client go into a room with an escortthinking it’s all systems go. They are, however, surprised when they realisethat the escort can refuse to serve them and even leave if they don’t followthe rules. How many other jobs have that perk?

A micro-penis is a real thing. Creamy, an escort in Chennai,talks about the clients with micro-penises and how they relate to escorts. Sheconfesses that even though getting a client with a micro-penis is a bit of abummer, such clients tend to be more attentive to the woman’s needs in bed. They give better head and are easier to satisfy.

Escorts make loads of cash. This is totally true accordingto Heather, an independent Chennai escort. Heather makes $200 an hour for a 10hour shift which translates to $2000 a day or $1500 on a slow day.

Being an escort is no longer viewed as a career that someonefalls into due to lack of options. It is a career of choice for many modernwomen who are looking to make a smart buck for services other women offer forfree.

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