Selecting Presents Need Not Be a Daunting Task
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Selecting Presents Need Not Be a Daunting Task

Many of us quail at the prospect of choosing an appropriate gift for family and friends during the festive season. Choosing them for official events, private parties to mark personal milestones like birthdays and wedding anniversaries, or for bridal or baby showers, especially door gifts, can become pretty daunting. It need not be so. Here are some ideas which you can benefit from when you need to choose gifts for loved ones as well as perfect strangers.

Gifts with Universal Appeal and Usage

If you are stumped for that door gift idea which would be of universal usage and appeal, try out some of these suggestions. People of every age, size, and occupation need can openers, and Swiss knives. They are handy at home, in the office, and while travelling. Of course, customized keychains are as handy as tote bags which are reusable.
For the fitness freaks, a gym bag, or kit bag to carry sports goodsmight be a good idea - only at a very intimate affair where your invitees are sporty individuals. When you don’t know any or most of the invitees, and there is little scope of there being any kind of uniformity in the invitee list; you might prefer to give away raffle awards, or gift certificates. It gives the recipients the option of choosing something they want, rather than be stuck with something they don’t have much use for.

Make It Personal to Stand Out from the Crowd

When you add a personal touch, such as giving personalized sticky note pads, or monogrammed towels - monogrammed with the initials of each recipient - you would be making a style statement. These and other unique door gift ideas will make your event or party memorable. Name platesmade out of mahogany, silver, or gold are thoughtful gifts while being different. Vintage marble figurines or trinket boxes will provide a touch of class to your door gifts -provided your budget permits it.

For photography buffs, gifting distinctive lens like customized fish eye lens would have them turning cartwheels. If your budget is a little tight, you could look out for personalized picnic mats, which would be useful for most people who come to your event. Family time or just fun time out with friends, picnic mats are always welcome. Foldable fans with pretty or funky designs printed on them are useful and decorative without being too heavy on the pocket.

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