Importance of learning to speak Chinese in the American context
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Importance of learning to speak Chinese in the American context

One cannot underestimate theimportance of learning how to speak Chinese in the American context. The growthof Chinese tutoring inTorrance isjust one of the obvious consequences of the fact that “The Chinese Americancommunity is the largest ethnic group of Asian Americans in the United States.”


“According to the 2010census, the Chinese American population numbered approximately 3.8million. In 2010, half of Chinese-born people living in the United Statesreside in California and New York.”


There are plenty of quality language classes that caterto students in Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and surrounding areas ofthe South Bay region.


Chinese Classes in Torrance, CA

There are two different types of Chinese coachingclasses in CA. One type of course offers crash courses in basic spoken andwritten Chinese; the others are complete educational institutions that offer acomplete schooling system for Chinese Americans. Children learn the language ata very young age and are introduced to their cultural values that also helpkeep tradition alive.


Types of tutoring include: Phonetics based Mandarininstruction, Conversation techniques for adults, Homework tutoring for schoolgoers, Cantonese instruction and community outreach. These are certain commonservices available in most Chinese Schoolsin Southbay,


The growing expansion of Chinese businesses into theWest is creating a plethora of job opportunities, for both Chinese Americansand foreign nationals. Textiles, electronics, petrochemicals and other suchbusinesses are creating a huge job market for highly qualified engineers, ITprofessionals and technicians. So why let go of such opportunities just becauseof a language barrier. Languages like Mandarin can be picked up with the rightkind of guidance.  And that is exactlywhat Chinese classes in Torrance CA do!


Learning Chinese can also be a great career move! Mostlarge organizations and businesses prefer to work with those with multiplelanguage skills. China being one of the fastest growing markets is ripe for jobopportunities. Chinese language skills can always be an added advantage for theskilled and professionally qualified. That way they can function smoothly inthe local cultural context. That is always an advantage for any company lookingto deploy workforce in Chinese destinations.


Easier to learn

When compared with foreign languages like French andGerman, Chinese has simple grammar. The fact that there is absolutely no needsto memorize verb tenses and noun declension makes learning an easier process.The basic word order of Chinese is subject — verb —object, very similar toEnglish Grammar. Important Mandarin Chinese terminologies are kind of translationsof English concepts.


Importantly Mandarin is spoken by more than a billionpeople across the globe. That happens to be one fifth of the entire globalpopulation. The Chinese market is a force to reckon with and learning Chinesein today’s day and context makes a whole lot of sense.

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