5 Major Causes of Obesity you must Know About
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5 Major Causes of Obesity you must Know About

You maybelieve it or not, but obesity is one of the leading health problems in the world.It’s not something that develops within a fortnight, but a condition that growsover a period of time as a result of our activities and lifestyle. Obesity alsocomes handy with a plethora of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovasculardiseases, stroke, cancer, dementia and more. But, the good part is thatobesity, unlike many diseases and conditions can be completely cured.

Here below,we define some primary causes of obesity that everyone must know!


Mostphysicians claim that obesity has a direct and strong connection with geneticcomponents. Off springs of obese individuals are likely to be or become obesesooner or later, during their lifespan. However, stating that it’s completely predeterminedis incorrect. Our genetics are not stone set and hence, the signals that thebody sends to its genes makes them react in that manner. Kids who stay activeand exercise regularly, and have obese parents, may not turn out to be obese.Their genes did not change, but their environmental factors did.

Addiction to Food

Eating fooditems that are unhealthy in nature, can add to a person’s weight and eventuallymake him/her obese. The key here is lethargy that adds to the case. If youcrave for junk food and exercise regularly, your chances of becoming obeselowers down to quite a level.

Unstable Insulin Level

As statedabove, diabetes adds to the causes of obesity in humans. Insulin plays a vitalrole in the stimulation of energy producing hormones. If the insulin leveldeviates, it causes the onset of many internal problems, especially, storage offats in the body. This, in turn, makes the person gain, abnormal levels ofweight and become obese.

Certain Medications

Manypharmaceutical drugs are known to cause the onset of weight gain in anindividual. This is typically due to the side effects they pose on the humansystem. For instance, antidepressants, diabetes medication, antipsychotics, andmore. Such drugs alter the way the body functions and also make it selectivelystore fats rather than putting them to use.

Leptin Deviation

Anothertype of hormone that’s known to intervene with a person’s weight is Leptin.Leptin is typically produced by the fat cells of the body. It’s responsible forsending signals to the hypothalamus to stop eating. When the levels of thishormone go abnormal, it’s not able to convey the right signals and hence, theproblem of obesity emerges.

In additionto these, are a couple of more key factors that fall into the category ofcauses of obesity in humans. What’s more important is to note ways to controlweight gain and keep away problems that comes along.

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