The First Step to Success Is Schooling - Choosing the Best School for Your Kid
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The First Step to Success Is Schooling - Choosing the Best School for Your Kid

The First Step to Success Is Schooling - Choosing the BestSchool for Your Kid


In India school education is categorized under state board,CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE. Choosing the appropriate board depends upon a fewcriteria. In case you have a transferable job it’s better to choose the IBschools, as its uniform across the country. But, if you are planning tobroaden the education horizons for your child and send him/ her overseas forhigher studies, ICSE or IGCSE is a better option.


A school which takes the holistic approach is always betterthan a school that concentrates only on academics. All round development of thechild includes emotional development, social development, cognitive developmentand more. Every child is unique and a school that recognizes the individualworth of a child and fosters it is by far an Internationalschool to reckon.


These days, schools are growing in leaps and bounds. Everyother day you see a schooling popping up from nowhere and housed in smallsetups due to lack of space. When deciding upon your child's school, do checkout the infrastructure of the school by personally visiting the internationalschool in Bangalore. Children need adequate space for learning as wellas extracurricular activities. Check out for a wide spread campus, spacious andwell equipped classrooms, laboratories, music, art and sports facilities aswell as medical and food facilities thoroughly.


Considering the heinous incidents against children in therecent years in India and Bangalore as well, one of the vital criteria remainssafety and security of your child. These days, schools are equipped with CCTVcameras in and around the campus and have security personals as well. But, youneed to confirm from the school authorities about safety and security standardsand measures followed by them. Also, talk to people with kids studying in theschool, track the past records and find out the security and safety informationabout the school. At the end, security is priority, so even if the schools hasall the facilities but lacks in safety and security, it's not worth opting for.


Always go for a school that is nearby your home or office.So that commuting issues don't arise and you are able to give your childadequate time by saving on the commuting time. A school next door also meansalso means less hassles and less worries. If both of you are working, a schoolwith day care facility is always a better idea.

Budget is also one of the major deciding factors but if it isn’ta problem, then these points would surely help you out on deciding upon anappropriate school for your child.

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    Trio World Academy is one of the best IB school Bangalore, international school in Bangalore offering IB PYP and IB DP.\r\nFor more details visit us:\r\n\r\n8040611222\r\

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