How Does A Digital Marketer's Salary Grow Up?
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How Does A Digital Marketer's Salary Grow Up?

A DigitalMarketer is a marketing expert who devises and implements strategies to advancea brand, a product or services on the internet. A digital marketing specialistdoes this using various digital marketing tools and technique like OnlineMarketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Engine Marketing (SEM), SearchEngine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Display and Affiliate Marketing,Mobile App Marketing, Retargeting/Remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, GrowthHacking, Lead Management, and Web, Mobile and App Analytics – to name a fewskills.

If you are afresher, probability are that all the above-mentioned skills have already frightenedyou and if you are a digital marketing expert with a few years of experience,you are already wonder about the skills which you haven’t got approximately tomastering yet. Either way, sit back and read on for I'm going to talk about themonies a digital marketer has the possible to earn when rightly powered by the aforesaidskills and otherwise.

How much does a Digital Marketer make?

The salaries ofdigital marketers are a lot dependent on the kind of skills, experience, and costthey bring to a company or a team and they are typically independent of the normalsalary brackets which traditional organisations adhere to. Which income if youhave the right digital marketing skills and know how to use them, you by now havethe possible to mint money.

Let’s take a seemat the range of salaries drawn by digital marketers who have no officialtraining or certifications in Digital Marketing. As per some minor researchconducted by CC, the following are the cautious figures according to the numberof years of knowledge and the kind of industry. Check out the Infographic belowor carry on reading on!

Digital Marketing Expert (5+ years ofwork exp.)

After being aDigital Marketing Manager for a while, expert generally seek to shift into moremanagement important roles like Senior Marketing Managers, VP/Head ofMarketing, etc, after implementation about 5 years in the industry. Dependingon the quality of knowledge and the companies they have worked for, theirsalary vary around INR 13-21 lakh and for more senior people can still scaleheights of 41-51 lakh!

The EducationalEdge

At such a seniorlevel, salary hikes turn into less frequent and so do the job shifts due tolack of challenging avenues. A timely intervention in the form of astate-of-the-art certification course in digital marketing; one that challengeold knowledge and helps to open minds to the latest activities of the digitalworld, can push you towards a salary as high as INR 26-31 lakh p.a!

Manager (2-4 years of work exp.)

DigitalMarketing Managers normally start out their careers in a specialisation such asonline media planning, client servicing, content writing, account management, GoogleAdwords specialist, SEO optimization, marketing/research analyst, etc.Depending on how cavernous they dive into their specialisation, and at the sametime manage to spread their wings far and wide into other digital marketingverticals out of sheer interest, their salaries could vary from INR 31 – 42Kper month.

The Educational Edge

2-4 years indigital marketing is just about the correct time to equip oneself with all theother tools and technique of digital marketing. This not only gives a holisticview of where a professional’s career is head but also brings concerning majorshifts in the salary extent.

Any digitalmarketing agency would normally give a bump of 20% from the preceding salary.But for someone who has a certification in digital marketing, the hike may goup to 40% straight, with some cooperation. Once certified and with the correctskill-set for the job, MNCs consider a 34-41% hike while e-commerce companieslike Amazon and Flipkart offer a flat package of INR 7-8 lakh p.a.

Fresher (Entry level)

Any fresher whois a post graduate OR graduate, in any field, with the smallest amount interestin exploring the digital marketing world, and a basic information of how theinternet and social platforms work, can earn up to INR 09-14K per month in amid-level OR startup to a large company. If it’s a start-up, the startingsalary might be slightly lesser - around INR 10-13K per month.

The Educational Edge

Include a trustworthycertification course in Digital Marketing to the kitty and now the fresher hasthe control to negotiate and get a salary of INR 17– 24K per month. And if theyare remarkably good with their digital marketing skills with a strong casestudy or a scheme to validate it, their salary can go as high as INR 31-42K permonth. 

Why Digital Marketing Education?

In 2015-16,compared to other Ad-types, the growth rates of digital marketing spend havebeen significantly higher. Further, Marketing budgets continued their steadyascent in 2016, hiking to 12% of company income, according to the Gartner2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey. Digital marketing again top the agenda withmarketing leaders expenditure more on their websites, digital commerce, anddigital advertising than on other categories.

There are about1.6 lakh jobs in digital marketing and these are likely to grow at a very quickpace. These new jobs are split crossways industries and traditional sectors areever more being forced to adapt to the new digital world – and figure out howto market their product in it.

The currenteducation system in the area of digital marketing does not meet the enormousdemand for qualified individuals – this might be due to multiple reasons. Thereare not sufficient traditional institutes that offer new-age programs andcourses such as digital marketing. smooth those who do address the broader areaof marketing tend to have out-of-date curricula that haven't kept up with realworld change, mainly because of a absent link with industry.

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