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Dow Hill is located in Kurseong district of the beautiful hillstation of Darjeeling in West Bengal. If you’re among those who are foreverfascinated by the paranormal and dare to venture into places most people arepetrified of, then this one’s for you. Famous for scenic natural beauty, DowHill is popular for being one of the most haunted places in the country. Theroad that goes between the Forest Office and Dow Hill is infamously known asDeath road and is a place that will give you nightmares. Book cheap flights and come explore the beautiful region blanketed in terrifying tales.


Victoria Boys High School and ghost of the headless boy


          The Victoria boysHigh School, more than 100 years old, is a famous one in the region and notjust because of its academic reputation. When the school shuts down in thesummers, the ghosts come out to play. Sounds eerie? Read on. There have beensightings of the ghost of a headless boy which haunts the school premises. Hereportedly roams the school and follows anyone who enters or goes anywhere nearthe building. But the students and staff of the school have never spotted anysuch thing and neither are there any official reports about the murder of a boythat age. Apparently, the dead come out only once the school is shut. Therehave also been reports about another boy (or boys) staring out the window ofthe school at passersby. You can hear sounds of children giggling, screaming indelight, and running around the school playing with each other. Still want tovisit on cheap business class flights yet?


The forests of Dow Hill


          Apparently, theheadless boy haunts the forest as well. He appears out of nowhere anddisappears the same way. People have incredible stories to tell of this forestfamous as much for its beauty as its haunting. Reportedly, the forest has beenthe location of too many grisly murders, all unreported of course. It has alsoseen too many suicides. Reportedly, when people spot the headless boy in theforest, they cannot get his picture out of their heads. They go into depressionand keep spotting him everywhere they go. The feeling of being followed by himdoesn’t go away and they eventually end up killing themselves. True or not,it’s an unfortunate thing to hear.


          There are otherghosts that haunt the forest as well. A woman in white with red bloodshot eyeshaunts the forest and follows those who dare to cross it. She disappears butkeeps taking to them in whispers and they can heal peals of laughter from hereven when they’re out of the forest. People spot many other such ghosts in theforest and you will rarely see anyone venturing into the forest afternightfall. They claim they are the souls of those who were brutally killed inthe forest, looking to take revenge on the living. Spooky indeed.


The tourism factor of Dow Hill


          Ghost or no ghost,Kurseong is one of the most beautiful places in Darjeeling which has beenovershadowed by the sinister haunting stories surrounding it. Apart from itsbreathtaking beauty, there are scores of attraction the region offers all itsvisitors. There are churches, museums, tea estates, temples, and viewpointsthat offer stunning views of the spectacular landscape. You can shop for ethnicwear, try delicious local food and go trekking on scenic trails. There arecountless interesting things to do here, provided you haven’t been spooked bythe stories of hauntings. Strangely, these stories have seemed to boost tourismin the region with more and more people coming to try and unravel themysterious hauntings on their own.


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