Types of concrete blocks and commercial construction
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Types of concrete blocks and commercial construction

Solid Concrete Blocks

Solid Concrete Blocks are developed through utilization of items like solid blocks, aggregate, cement and water. They are also sometimes referred to as load bearing blocks. These blocks are high in strength as compared to many of their counterparts. They are utilized in a wide range of varieties.

Hollow Concrete Blocks

The Hollow concrete blocks are those kinds of blocks whose core void is much larger as compared to the gross area of the entire block. There are several sub types of hollow blocks based on shapes and sizes. Some frequently used hollow concrete blocks are as follows

Stretcher block: Stretcher block is referred to as a kind of a block that is most often used in construction and whose length is parallel to the wall’s face.

Concrete Corner Blocks: These blocks are utilized as corners or ends of masonry. The ends usually are in the form of door or window openings.


These are some of the major types of Concrete blocks Bathurst that are usually used in construction industry nowadays. Here we have just given you a brief insight on the topic. In Bathurst if you are looking for professional concrete manufacturers then do not worry as Everready concrete is right there at your door step. The company is an emerging enterprise.

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    Types of concrete blocks and commercial construction

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