Select a Truly Memorable Gift
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Select a Truly Memorable Gift

Gifts serve many purposes, not the least of which is building a strong relationship. Be it at work, in business, or in the family, few things can sour relationships as fast as giving an inappropriate gift - or worse - forgetting to buy a present in time for a special occasion. A long-time colleague who is going away to a different city, state, or country, or retiring after a distinguished career; a friend’s birthday, new job, or wedding; a company get- together - each of these are reasons for giving a gift. And, if you are the organizer of the event, then you might have to plan for and buy return gifts or door gifts.

Choose with Care and Forethought

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to sourcing and selecting door gifts in Singapore. Depending on the occasion and your budget, you could choose from bags, calendars, photo frames, embroidered napkins, toys, confectionary (most people adore chocolates), playing cards, and keychains. Bridal showers and baby showers are the most common occasions when you need to give door gifts on a personal level. It is more tactful to offer gifts of the same monetary value to all the invitees.

However, on certain occasions like a company party or official event your guest list will figure people from different age groups and social levels. This requires an extra measure of caution to ensure that you don’t hurt anybody’s sensibilities. Offering an assortment of confectionaries to a diabetic or a walnut photo frame to somebody who has no family would be worse than not giving any gift at all. To make that gift truly memorable, you could have it customized or even personalized.

Know Where to Find It

There are many people who run very successful businesses by supplying made to order or mass produced items to companies for their annual gift giving. Such suppliers offer you a sweeping range of items which can be used to build and reinforce your corporate image. To ensure that company names and logos can be printed on to gift items, such corporate gifts suppliers often use laser engravers which can import designs onto coated metals, acrylic, wood, glass, and plastic among many other materials. Corporate promotional teams, event planners, and wedding planners are always on the lookout for such suppliers.

Apart from the promotional angle, one major reason for presenting people with corporate gifts is to tell your colleagues/employees, business associates, and even suppliers, how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work which been a core strength of the company. Make sure that your choice of gift doesn’t dilute that message.

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